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    Can i use screw top wine bottles for bottling home-brew beer?

    (or any other bottles i.e. soft drink plastic bottles)

    Sure. I would just be careful about them exploding. I'm not saying that they will, but I'm not sure how well wine bottles are supposed to hold the CO2 pressure that your home brew will produce. I would just play it safe and let them age and carbonate somewhere thats not to close to your face! I had bottles explode one time, its like a bunch of shrapnel bombs that leave a nice sticky mess.

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    Home brewing the easy way part 2

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    Home Brew Beer Bottles News, Information, Articles

    Beer Making Kits have been around for many years.  The hobby of home brewing has grown tremendously over the last few years.  Some of this is due to the craze and huge growth in the micro - brewed beer market.  The increased awareness of these craft beers has caused many to ask themselves, "Could I make my own beer, and is it hard to make good tasting beer?" There's no question that deciding to brew your own raises many questions.  Some include:

    o    How is beer made?

    o    How do you bottle your own beer?

    o    What equipment do I need?

    o    Is it expensive to buy beer brewing equipment?

    o    Is it a lot of work?

    o    Is it hard to learn home beer brewing?

    Finding a quality beer making kit will help you address all of these questions.  Plus by finding a brewing kit you aren't stuck wondering if you've forgotten some special brewing equipment.  The biggest names in home brewing kits have been around for many years and have made home brewers out of thousands of people.

    Beer making kits include everything you need to make your very first batch of home brew.  This is a benefit because you don't have to search around for all of the individual beer brewing equipment, it's all included.  Typically the equipment included a beer making kit includes:

    o    Primary fermenter - This is where you mix your water, fermentables, and yeast.

    o    Airlock - This provides a means for letting the CO2 escape and prevents air from getting to your wort.

    o    Bottling tap - This provides the means for getting your "young beer" from the fermenter into your bottle.

    o    Bottles - Yes, a lot of the beer making kits out there even provide you with re-sealable P.E.T. bottles.  These are handy because you don't need a bottle caper and you don't have to save your empty beer bottles to brew a batch of beer.

    o    A can of hopped malt extract with brewer's yeast to make your first batch of home brew.

    o    Instructions on how to use their system.  Some even have video available showing how their kit works.

    o    Some of the better kits even include some things like a hydrometer, mixing spoon, carbonation drops, etc.

    You can save yourself some headache and stress by using a beer brewing kit to get started making your own beer.  Beer brewing is a hobby that many enjoy and a hobby that will continue to grow.

    With several beer brewing kits available on the market today, evaluate the best one for you at: http://www.cheapbeerkits.com There you can watch videos of several different beer brewing kits that'll get you brewing beer today!

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